Celebrate the Dude in June!

Thanks for Celebrating the 2012 Big Lebowski Fest in June!
We appreciate all that came out to Madra Rua and celebrated the Dude in this classic cult movie with our
Costume Contest, Lebowski Trivia, Oat Soda and White Russian specials!

The Big Lebowski Party will be back next June -
We'll see you then...!!

Park Circle

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Customer Reviews

Nice place for lunch. - Adam H. - March 28, 2009
This place feels like a real old Irish bar. The setting is amazing! Food and drink is wonderful.... More from Yelp.com �

If you're a soccer hooligan the big games are always on. - Scott B. - Jan 22, 2009
Although I live 20 minutes away and am jealous of those whom live within walking distance, Madra Rua is among my favorites.... More from Urbanspoon �

How have I NOT reviewed Madra Rua yet?!? - Brent R. - Nov 9, 2008
A friend and I stumbled in here one night after having dinner elsewhere. We figured it'd be a good place for a drink, and we couldn't have been more right.... More from Yelp.com �

This is definitely one of my new favorite places to eat in the Charleston area - Jamie M. - Nov 13, 2008
I loved the private feel of the booths - they're all walled in except for the doorway for the waiter to enter. Our booth had a window... More from Yelp.com �

Walking in Madra Rua reminds me of going into the pubs I visited in Dublin years ago. - carnellm - Sept 13, 2008
The lunch specials are great. My favorite lunches are the fish & chips, hamburgers, and Irish stew with soda bread.... More from Urbanspoon �

Madra Rua building it's reputation well past city limits - Jack Hunter, Post & Courier - May 1st, 2008
Perhaps the pioneer, and still arguably the best, of all the bar/restaurants that have sprung up in Park Circle is Madra Rua... More from The Post & Courier �

For a good pint and dinner, this is a nice place to go - Rearah - Feb 16, 2008
This place is outstanding. I've eaten lunch and dinner here and every time we come here we have an outstanding time. This place has a great Irish feel... More from Yahoo! Local �

North Charleston's secret Irish Pub and Rugby Capital - Brian Cecil - Jan 11, 2008
If you like Irish Pubs, Irish food, and Layered Draughts, then check out Madra Rua in North Charleston...
More from businesstravelfun.com �

Dorn M. from Yelp.com 7/31/07 Best Irish pub in Charleston. Excellent burgers, fish & chips is good and the Irish stew is worth the name. Excellent atmosphere and smoking/non-smoking sides. Easy feeling and a great place...
More from Yelp.com �

Whit r. from Yelp.com 2/12/07 This place looks a LOT like the pubs do in Ireland, or at least the ones I went in when I was there a few years back. It's a nice, warm feel with dark wood, comfy booths and lots of nooks and crannies. The draft beer selection is commendable (it IS an Irich pub) and of course you can get a properly poured pint of the black stuff any time. Food wise, I like the fish and chips. Very tasty...
More from Yelp.com �

Merideth M. from Yelp.com 4/2/07 I love Madra Rua, aka The Fox. Park Circle has been transformed into a great neighborhood and this pub is one of the perks. The pub is perfect for a pint and some wings....
More from Yelp.com �

beerbuff8888 ( Durham, North Carolina ) Oct 6, 2005 I have to agree with the other reviewer, this is the best irish pub in North America. I've been to them in big cities and small, west coast to east coast and most states in between, and nothing compares....
More from BeerAdvocate.com �

Charleston's little secret - sarah1113 - Oct 4, 2005
Who'da-thought that such an authentic-style Irish pub could be in such a hidden area in North Charleston?! I'm so sick of the downtown "Irish" bars where most of the patrons would ...
More from Citysearch.com �

I've never seen better! - joshuatalley - Apr 6, 2004
All it will take is one visit to this little pub in North Charleston and I guarantee you will be back time and time again. The staff and atmosphere make it the most enjoyable ...
More from Citysearch.com �

Best Pub in SC - mitswerdna - Mar 31, 2004
This little pub is the best place there is to sit back and have a drink. The Guinness is served perfectly (this is ensured by the Irish co-owner) and the staff is amazingly ...
More from Citysearch.com �

JISurfer ( Goose Creek (Da Creek), South Carolina ), Jun 15, 2004 This is one kick arse Irish Pub. Probably the best I've been too, and that's saying a lot. It had a cool pure Irish ambiance to it and some officially Irish furniture in it. It's also a "certified" Guinness Pub, whatever that means. As well as the Guinness, it also sold other brews from the UK and Ireland...
More from BeerAdvocate.com �

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